The Zoo has undergone massive transformation becoming one of NSW’s best regional zoos for close-up, intimate encounters with animals. Visitation has more than doubled in five years to around 100,000 people a year, making it the region’s fastest growing attraction.  

Passionate Owners, Mark & Danena Stone, and their dedicated team, opened a range of new exhibits for cheetahs, snow leopards, a monster crocodile, penguins and red pandas.  “The arrival of the snow leopards saw an increase in turnover of 62% last Summer, so we are anticipating the cheetahs will have a huge impact this year. Everyone just loves the big cats.” said Mark Stone, Manager, Billabong Zoo.  “We have also just welcomed new lions to the Africa Exhibit”, added Mark.

Billabong Zoo is spread over 10 acres and is privately owned. It features a variety of native and exotic animals, regular keeper presentations every half hour and hands-on animal interaction. It is also a world-renowned breeding centre for koalas, where upon entry you can pat a koala.

For a small extra fee people can have amazing up-close ‘personal encounters’ such as hand-feeding the snow-leopards or Meerkats, have a one on one with a koala, draping a python around you and play with the penguins.

So who is new at the zoo?

Lion cubs 

The new arrivals – two African Lion cubs Milo (male,  born  18.4.16)  & Misty (female, born  5.4.16) are now out of quarantine and tentatively making their first appearances in their new home. Over the coming weeks visitors will be able to view Keeper interactions with the cubs as they form a close bond with these very special animals. Keeper  times are at 10.30am, 1.00pm and 3.30pm –  they use the interaction to form a close bond with the cubs & to give them confidence in their new surroundings. Daily updates will be posted on the Zoo notice board at the front entrance & on the Billabong Zoo Facebook page. With any new arrival at the zoo, especially young animals, the Zoo is very careful not to rush or put any undue stress on them as they become accustomed & feel secure in their new surroundings. 

  • Billabong Zoos New Cheetahs
  • Cheetahs

    Two cheetah brothers ‘Warrior’ and ‘Vongani’ have arrived. Vongani is a ladies man, quite charismatic, while Warrior is just a big softy. Cheetahs are well known for their long-legged, slender bodies with a beautiful golden tan coat that is covered in around 2,000 black spots. They are the fastest land mammal on the planet and currently listed as critically endangered. 

  • Tito Rato Red Pandas At Billabong Zoo
  • Red pandas

    ‘Rato’ and ‘Tito’ are super cute and cheeky, and one of the planets most threatened species.

  • Pongo The Meerkat Billabong Zoo
  • Meerkats

    ‘Bido’ and ‘Pongo’ are mischievous meerkats who love nothing more than to munch on as many grubs and worms as they can during their keeper presentation.

  • Billabong Pengiun
  • Penguins

    You can come inside the enclosure to meet and greet their very own ‘happy feet’ and take some amazing up close photos.

  • Billabong Shrek Jumping
  • Monster crocodile

    A new Jurassic Pond exhibit is home to a 4.6metre monster croc called ‘Shrek’ with underwater viewing of the 50 year old salt water crocodile. The 12.30pm feeding show is a must-do on your visit.

  • Snows Leopards On Rock Billabong Zoo
  • Snow leopards

    ‘Kamala’ and ‘Sabu’ have big fluffy paws, a huge tail and weigh about 35 kilos, They are one of if not the most endangered big cat on the planet and with only 3 other zoos in Australia to house these magnificent cats their new home at Billabong zoo is a must see.

Billabong Zoo is open every day except Christmas Day. It is located at 61 Billabong Drive, Port Macquarie (at the junction of Pacific & Oxley Highways). 

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