Port Macquarie

Nobbys Beach: Port Macquarie

Nobbys Beach is a local dog-friendly beach at Port Macquarie, comprised of a 400 metre stretch of white sands between the towering 30 metre high Nobby Head and the Southern rocks of Flynns Beach. Nobbys Beach is recognised by its archetypal conglomeration of rocks residing in the centre of the beach.

The beach is largely sheltered by the headland making it a great area for swimming. The rocky nature of the beach also make for great rock fishing, with a number of popular gutters in the sand and bordering the rocks.

The beach is not patrolled by lifeguards, so proceed with caution when swimming at Nobbys Beach, or check out the local beach safe guides to monitor current conditions prior to swimming. Due to the calm, protected waters and rocks that lay close to shore at Nobbys Beach, surfing is not recommended here.

You can access Nobbys Beach via path and stairs connecting the car park and the beach. This is located at the Southern end of the beach behind Nobby Head, or you can access the beach from a walking platform over the rocks at Flynns Beach. Another way to access it is via the Kenny Walk just off Pacific Drive. It's a 5-10 minute walk around the coast with spectacular views.

Nobbys Beach, Port Macquarie, 2444, Australia