Port Macquarie
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Itineraries & Trails

Itineraries & Trails
Cassegrain Winery with oysters

Taste Trails

Your insider's guide to all the good stuff! Choose from five curated themes, from 'Wine + Wonder' to 'Creatives & Curios'. Our region is your oyster :)

Explore Taste Trails

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Family-friendly 3-day Itinerary

Are we there yet? Travelling with kids isn't always easy, but it is worth it (we promise). We've rounded up three days' worth of stuff to keep the whole family happy!

Help me, I'm travelling with kids

Art bites at Bills Fishouse Bar

Foodie's 3-day Itinerary

Holidays and great local food go together like love and marriage. When it's good, it's great! And you don't have to worry about the not great bits because we're going to steer you in the right direction.

3 days for Food Lovers

Wildwood 3 girls

Yeah the Girls!

It's been....a year (actually make that 2 years). We've been apart from our besties for waaaay too long, and Port Mac is the perfect place to catch up. We've even done some of the work for you, and put together these ideas:

Girls' Getaway Itinerary

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Walk, Bike, and Hike

on a scale of normal-ish through to utter madness, these trails cater for all levels of crazy

Walk, Bike & Hike

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Couple's 3-day Getaway

How are things with you and your +1 going? Sorry to get so personal, it's just that in our experience, scheduling regular getaways is better than therapy...

3-day Itinerary for Couples

Remy Brand158 - Camel Safari

More Travel Inspo

We've got a Blog with heaps of Trip Ideas and suggested Itineraries, from (and for) all kinds of folk. You can check it out below:

Give me some trip ideas!