Port Macquarie

Camden Haven

The natural beauty of the Camden Haven is breathtaking. Quiet waterways, great fishing, spectacular national parks and family friendly beaches, are why holidaymakers return year after year.

Just half an hour south of Port Macquarie, you'll find the seaside villages of the Camden Haven strung out along the mouth of the Camden Haven River. On the north side of the river, you'll find North Haven with its alfresco cafes, shady barbecues, riverside picnic areas and crashing surf beach. Sleepy Dunbogan is opposite with its sheltered swimming beaches and traditional boatshed, and bustling Laurieton nestled at the foot of North Brother Mountain, is the home base for the local fishing fleet as well as a number of eateries, great coffee, clubs, pubs and an art-deco cinema.

Don't miss the spectacular walk out to Perpendicular Point, through Kattang Nature Reserve!

Majestic North Brother Mountain in Dooragan National Park dominates the skyline. The beauty and natural diversity of Kattang Nature Reserve make it ideal for bushwalking, photography, bird watching and fishing. The northern half of Queens Lake is a nature reserve.

Bold Street, Laurieton, 2443, Australia