Port Macquarie

Elands TereTulemast Exclusive Sites

Guudji Yiigu Nyiirunang - Birpai for welcoming everyone!

As the caretakers of this land for the next generation, they are excited to share it with your families so you may enjoy this beautiful destination called Elands.

Teretulemast is an Estonian name, that means welcome.

The property is an ex-rainforest, pasture improved as they say and ex-cattle farm. It has a mix of cleared acres, rainforest pockets, fresh and free-flowing rivers running through both sides of the property to swim/paddle in, and so many birds, platypi, eel, fish, deer, kangaroos, wallabies (and koalas in the greater Elands area). And of course, big open skies to enjoy a campfire under.

This is a hosted stay through Hipcamp.

Elands, 2429, Australia