Port Macquarie

Kylies Hut

While enjoying a day trip or overnight stay in Crowdy Bay National Park, Kylies Hut is well worth a visit. Set in a shady glen surrounded by coastal forest, you'll pass paperbarks and sheoaks along Metcalfes walking track on your way to the hut.

Local farmer Ernie Metcalfe built the rustic hut for the novelist and journalist Kylie Tennant in the late 1960s. With a single room, verandah and stone fireplace, its appearance harked back to a time when Crowdy Bay was wild coastal heathland and swamp. It was during Kylie's time here that she wrote The Man on the Headland, a novel influenced by her years spent living in the natural beauty of Crowdy Bay.

Sadly, the original hut was destroyed in the 2019-20 bushfires that burned through much of the area. It's being reconstructed to preserve this important piece of history.


  • Non Smoking
Kylies Hut trail, Crowdy Bay National Park, 2443, Australia