Port Macquarie

Maria River State Forest Walks

The starting point for both walks is at the corner of Railway Dam Rd and Nolans Rd just before the slope down to Maria River and the railway overpass.

1. Nolans Rd

Distance: 6 kilometres

Difficulty: Easy

From the starting point walk 2.5 kilometres along Nolans Rd as far as the western section of Railway Dam Rd (also named Kundabung Rd on maps). Turn left. Walk approx. 1.5 kilometres. At a fork in the road keep left. If there is a sign, it is either named Dead End Rd or Railway Dam Rd.

After 800 metres turn left (Railway Dam Rd). Reach the starting point at the corner of Nolans Rd after 700 metres.

2. Kundabung Rd

Distance: 7 kilometres

Difficulty: Easy

From the starting point walk 1.5 kilometres on Railway Dam Rd. Turn left onto Kundabung Rd. Walk about 2.7 kilometres to the railway line. Cross over the railway on the Kundabung Rd overpass. Then walk about 2.3 kilometres on the wide track along the railway line. Go left through the rail underpass back to the corner of Railway Dam and Nolans Roads.

Credit: Macleay Walking Trails by Christa Schwoebel and John Cruickshanks


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Kundabung, 2441, Australia