Port Macquarie

Redbank Way

This is a hosted stay through Hipcamp, below is the information provided by the Host regarding their offering.

Redbank Way is a 1500 acre cattle property & we welcome campers to experience rugged tranquility of our spectacular property. There are five major camping locations with many other camping locations that you may like to choose for yourself. You may choose to camp near the cattle yards close to the creek, near the horses or high up on the hill to catch the views of the property. 4WD vehicles & high clearance caravans are recommended and able to camp throughout the property and are recommended. 2WD wheel drive vehicles are able to camp at locations earlier in the property. Toilet & hot shower available. Dogs are permitted but please discuss with us first. Please ensure you do not follow Google Maps as you will get lost. NOTE: When we are at the farm there is no mobile reception. Your booking is confirmed and you are very welcome, please don't panic if I do not respond to a question, it can take me a few days.

Pembrooke, 2446, Australia